HelpDesk (Monthly/User)

HelpDesk (Monthly/User)

Salesbeey is an easy-to-use, flexible and integrated cloud-based CRM solution from small business to large corporations. 

Salesbeey Helpdesk features will help you deliver instant and precise customer service. You can resolve cases faster like never before. User-friendly Customer Portal tool serves as a great bridge between you and your customers. 

How Salesbeey helps your business?

·        Faster Resolution Time -  The system aims to reduce the administrative burden on the organization by at least 75%. By taking advantage in Customer Portal automate most of the routine procedure of processing/recording incoming tickets, this aims to help your support team focus on addressing the actual issues and closing tickets quicker. 

Full Visibility -  Provides your customer the full visibility of the issues, when your support team updates comment for the ticket, the customer will have full visibility of the status of the ticket from Customer Portal. 

Automated Process - By taking advantage in workflows that help you to automate repetitive tasks, it helps your support team to spend less time entering data and replying to the customer and spend more time addressing customer issues.

Customer loyalty and Retention - Relationship is one of the most crucial factors in growing successful business. SalesBeey CRM helps businesses to build a relationship with your customers, SalesBeey CRM provides complete insight and collaborative tools for your business, designed to reduce information gaps and meet the needs of your customers from start to the end. 

Increase Revenue- It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.  When you provide world-class customer support, you will be able to retain your customers, and attracts more leads.

Business intelligence tools  - SalesBeey CRM offers comprehensive reporting, business intelligence and analytics capabilities to provide a forward view of your business and be predictive of your revenue.

Explore how SalesBeey can help you transform your business whether you are Education & Migration Agencies, Financial Planners, Social Service Communities, Retails or Builders.

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SalesBeey Features
Roles & Profiles Ensure your data is kept private where it needs to be and also has complete transparency and accountability for the management.
Workflow Rules Workflows are designed to replace repetitive tasks and improve business processes.
Lead Management Manage all the leads and associated records through the centralized CRM System.
Contacts Management Manage all the client records within a centralized system for all the necessary future reference.
Webform & Email Integration Custom web forms that gel with your website and scan for messages from a dedicated mailbox and convert them into leads.
Dashboard & Reporting Comprehensive reporting, business intelligence and analytics capabilities to provide a holistic view of your business.
Schedule Appointments Centralized platform for collaborating events and comments. This, in turn reduces information gaps and provides better visibility into the lead/prospect prospective.
Helpdesk Management With the support features, you should be able to adopt to the tool very quickly and enhance level of customer satisfaction.
Customer Portal More power to your customers. You can provide them access to Customer Portal to raise tickets, FAQs, support contract and much more.
Online Support 24/7 online support delivers support services for thousands of our customers. Online support can provide quality support anytime, anywhere using the Internet.

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